Siku Jewelry is made by the lost-wax technique. Initially, a design is sketched by hand with comfort and style in mind. It’s then given to the 3D team who refines the design and prints it. The master and mold are created. Replicas are made by pressing molten wax into the mold. They are put on a wax “tree” that’s attached to a rubber top. It's placed into a metal cylinder. Plaster-like mix is poured into the cylinder covering the wax. The mix hardens around the wax. The rubber top is removed and the wax is heated. It melts out leaving negative space in the shape of our pieces. Recycled metals are melted at high temperatures and poured into the negative space. The cylinder is submerged in a bucket of water and the mix becomes liquid again, leaving the cast pieces at the bottom of the bucket. The pieces are fished out, sanded, and polished. Finally, we package our beautiful jewelry in our recycled boxes and they’re sent to you!