Jewelry Styling Tips: Necklace Layering
What Jewelry is Trending Now?
It's become a trend and commonly seen style by girls and women to wear multiple necklaces. You can mix and match styles, lengths, and materials. This requires having a variety of necklaces. Pair a statement piece like our Large Flex Collection Necklace in Yellow Gold Vermeil with a simpler piece like our Cyclical Collection choker. 
Which Jewelry Suits Me?
First, consider your skin tone and the colors that you normally wear. This will help you to determine if you should go for 14K yellow gold vermeil or our sterling silver pieces. Do you like a simple style or eclectic? If you like minimalism then one or two simple layered pieces may do the trick. If you like bigger and bold then you might want to layer 3-5 necklaces and chains.